Road Map

What’s Next?

A bunch of new features are waiting in line for next versions! Here is the list, roughly sorted by order of priority, small new features may be implemented before big ones.

Nostrils controllers

Currently there is only one centered nose controller, two additional controllers on the side for nostrils could be useful.

Parent Space tool

Chances for implementation: 80%

To easily switch-snap the bone’s ChildOf constraints (generally IK controllers).

GLTF Export

Chances for implementation: 90%

The Gltf format is starting to be a complete competitor to Fbx, allowing the same range of features to export rigged characters. It’s an open source format, a lot better to maintain, code-wise, than Fbx. It will be added soon, depending on the state of its exporter to handle certain specific options (shape key baking, drivers…)

Standard Chains

IK Spline chains and Bendy-bones based chains, easily customizable with adjustable amount of bones. To rig snakes, antennas, ropes… Ideally should be compliant with game engines export.

  • IK Splines chains: Done

  • Bendy-bones chains: 50%


Simple muscle bones such as biceps bones, to simulate muscle bulge when the forearm is rotating.

Quick Rig

Chances for implementation: 70%

To create humanoid controllers (spine, legs, arms) from any existing rig with basic bones structure. Convenient to quickly rig imported characters for game engines, for example, while preserving the initial bones and weights. This should be a rather large feature to implement though, involving a lot of new code to make it properly. To be studied.

DAE Export

Chances for implementation: 70%

Similarly to Gltf, Dae is a good alternative to Fbx!

Unified IK-FK

Chances for implementation: 50%

This would allow automatic IK-FK switch and snap, depending on the selected/moved bone. This may be a tricky feature to implement though, this may not be implemented if technical limitations prevent it.