What’s that?

The Remap tool is useful to re-target an armature animation to another one. You can import for example a BVH motion capture file and transfer the animation datas to the Auto-Rig Pro armature.

Additive Keyer

Furthermore i’ve developped a separate addon Additive Keyer, to easily tweak the motion capture animation by interactively keyframing it:

Euler Support

It works best with Euler rotation mode at the moment. If you wish to use a target armature set up with quaternions, you can do the following:

  • Select all bones (A key) in Pose Mode, and hold Alt key while clicking the XYZ Euler switch instead of Quaternion in the transform tab (holding Alt apply the action for all selected bones)


Here is the workflow to import a BVH file to the Auto-Rig Pro armature.


Import the BVH armature: File > Import > Motion Capture


  • First select the source armature (BVH) and assign it in the dedicated field
  • Then the target armature (Auto-Rig Pro) and assign it below
  • Push Auto-Scale to adjust the source armature scale to the target, ensure the result is correct, otherwise scale it yourself
  • Press Build Bones List
  • Check and modify if necessary the bones mapping by changing the bones names in the list.
  • Define the root bone by clicking Set as Root after clicking the root bone in the list
  • Optionally use the IK mode for the feet and the hands. Click the IK checkbox and assign the IK Pole bone. Only works if the selected bone in the list is an IK bone (check the rig is actually switched to IK too)
  • Check the source armature rest pose. If it’s the same as the target armature rest pose, go to the next step.

From the picture above we can see the source armature, on the left, has a different rest pose than the target armature, on the right. So we’ll need to redefine the rest pose of the source armature.

  • Click the Redefine Rest Pose button

Select the bones that are not oriented like the target armatures bones (in this case the arms and legs) and click Copy Selected Target Bones, wich will copy the corresponding bone direction automatically from the target armature (may not work properly if the poses are too much different, in this case do this manually). Then click Apply to complete. Note it can take some time to complete if the animation is long (about 1‘30” for 1800 frames).

  • Click Re-Target to apply.
  • Finally, adjust the rotation and positions if necessary by clicking the interactive offsets for each bones in the list
  • Optionally export/import the mapping preset, and use the name space search and replace when using a preset for a different character name but same bones name (e.g: mixamorig:Hips > matthew:Hips)