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Bug Report

Hey, it's not working!

Think you've found a bug?

  • Please make sure it's a bug first ! Check these documentation pages, FAQ , videos... Especially if you're new to Blender, the "bug" may be more probably... a user error. Statistically, 90% of the reported issues are answered in the FAQ, or user errors, mainly from beginners. We all have been noobs at some point, no problems with that! But please make sure it's really a bug, and furthermore addon related bug (not a Blender bug ) before reporting anything.

  • Note that if something looks unclear in the documentation and you need suppport, i'll be glad to help whatever. Just drop me a line as explained below.


Then please report precisely the problem so that I can try to replicate the bug / sending the blend file is a great help too:

Thanks for your understanding.

Auto-Rig Pro addon for Blender.
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